Knowledge institutions get to work on urban challenges in Hengelo and Enschede

EnschedeLab has reason to cheer as it successfully applied for the City Deal Knowledge Making (CDKM) 2023 grant and is among the 12
pathways. This means that the coalition of partners in Twente, consisting of the University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, ROC van Twente, AKI ArtEZ, municipality of Enschede and municipality of Hengelo, will be able to invest a sum of 500,000 euros over the next 3 years in developing and utilizing knowledge and expertise for urban issues.

Embed transdisciplinary education program to bring students and cities together
The partners see the city as a valuable learning environment for students. That environment will be fully integrated into the curriculum of the four knowledge institutions. This vision is supported not only internally, but also shared in the cooperation between various organizations. A joint knowledge agenda is being worked on, focusing on spearheads such as renewable energy, the transition to a circular economy and innovative healthcare. In doing so, we see numerous opportunities for connection with the Agenda of Twente, the innovation agenda on which the fourteen Twente municipalities are working together.

Within EnschedeLab, the partners have developed a joint, transdisciplinary educational concept to bring students and cities together. We challenge students from the University of Twente, Saxion Hogeschool, ROC van Twente and AKI ArtEZ to work together across the boundaries of their institutions to come up with innovative solutions to real issues facing cities.

Angela Rijnhart of the Municipality of Enschede is closely involved with the EnschedeLab and said, “We are enormously pleased to be able to build on this collaboration. When working on the big tasks we all face every day, such as the climate crisis and rising energy prices, we can use all the knowledge and creativity that students, teachers and researchers have to offer.”

Education, community building and collaboration
Over the past few years, a lot of hard work has gone into creating a solid foundation for EnschedeLab, so that now the step can be taken to structurally embed EnschedeLab in education. Various forms of society-oriented education and community building have been experimented with. At the beginning of this spring, for example, the challenge “H4ck the C!ty” took place (watch the aftermovie).

What we will do in the next 3 years
In the period 2023-2026, we will structurally integrate our unique educational concept into the curricula of the four educational institutions. We will begin next fall, using the results of the last challenge, the knowledge and expertise gained, as a basis for future challenges related to digital transition. By scaling up and institutionalizing, we aim to embed EnschedeLab within organizations in the coming years. The results are analyzed and used to strengthen and broaden cooperation among the six partners. They also serve as an example to other regions committed to a livable future in the region.

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