First Team Meeting with Hein Jan

In our first team meeting with our coach Hein Jan we discussed mixing resilience with sustainability by bringing sustainability issues to the people, making them self-reliant. As our initial brainstorm did not really account for too many individual perspectives we...

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Design Thinking Bootcamp

Frank Kresin gave us a great, fast-paced, introduction to the design thinking methodology. Groups were formed! We worked through the methodology with the aim to help make the DesignLab more sustainable. Our team wanted to raise awareness about sustainability and so we...

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Kick-off Enschede Lab

Expectations Mirthe - I had the opportunity to join Enschede Lab because of the saxion citylab. Enschede Lab will be my citylab project for the next two semesters. I signed up for this project because I like working in interdisciplinary teams and I am interested in...

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