The EnschedeLAB is there to bring city and student together. With real issues that live in Enschede, we challenge students from the University of Twente, Saxion Hogeschool, ROC van Twente and AKI / ArtEZ to collaborate across the boundaries of their institution on innovative solutions that help the city further.

About the EnschedeLAB
Het EnschedeLAB heeftthree target groups
Of course: students! They can participate in the nano challenge that we organize every quartile, or help solve EnschedeLAB issues through their own training.
Some as an instructor or supervisor, and almost every one because you can delegate students. And because our issues may fit well with existing courses and study programs.
Andrei and Arie Fokkink
We will not start anything without good issues. And an issue without an owner does not progress. That is why an important target group for us is also: clients.
We work with real challenges
The EnschedeLAB works with challenges / issues. On our Challenge page we present which issues are open, which issues we are working on - in what way - and which challenges have been completed and what the results were. Below three of the examples, from completed to yet to be addressed, and below a button to the page with all challenges.

Operation Clean (Nu)

In quartile 4 we start with the nano challenge “Operation Clean”. With this challenge, we are going to work with the question "How do we avoid generating so much waste in our operating theater?" with which the Medisch Spectrum Twente is struggling.

Look of the Road (Completed)

In quartile 3 we started with the nano-challenge “Blik van de Weg”. To increase the quality of life in Enschede, we want to close parking spaces in the center. Students set to work to find ways to give the parking spaces a new, sustainable function. The results are now on the challenge page.

Nuisance from smokers (completed)

How can we limit the nuisance caused by smokers in neighborhoods located around the grounds of educational institutions? Four groups of students came up with solutions, including “Meuk” a smart waste bin and a 30-day challenge.

Blog & News

Tips & tricks for a brainstorming session

How do you come up with good ideas? Often by brainstorming. But do you know what to look out for? In this video, Wiro gives you tips & tricks.

Turn it around: from solution to question

We often come up with a solution to a question. But… can you also turn that around? Honors students of the UT did that.

Nano-challenge IV: Operation Clean

In quartile 4, the nano challenge is about how we can prevent waste in operating theaters of the Medisch Spectrum Twente.

Parking space for parcels: solutions for 'view of the road'

'Look of the road' was the theme of nano-challenge III. Six teams worked on solutions, ranging from playful storage for parcels to parking spaces such as open-air museums.

Nano-challenge III: 'Look of the Road'

'Blik van de Weg' is the theme of the nano challenge in quartile 3. During four half-days, mixed student teams work (virtually) on solutions to this issue.

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