The EnschedeLAB is there to bring city and student together. With real issues that live in Enschede, we challenge students from the University of Twente, Saxion Hogeschool, ROC van Twente and AKI / ArtEZ to collaborate across the boundaries of their institution on innovative solutions that help the city further.

About the EnschedeLAB

Het EnschedeLAB heeft drie doelgroepen


Of course: students! They can participate in the nano challenge that we organize every quartile, or help solve EnschedeLAB issues through their own training.


Some as an instructor or supervisor, and almost every one because you can delegate students. And because our issues may fit well with existing courses and study programs.


Andrei and Arie Fokkink

We will not start anything without good issues. And an issue without an owner does not progress. That is why an important target group for us is also: clients.

We work with real challenges

The EnschedeLAB works with challenges / issues. On our Challenge page we present which issues are open, which issues we are working on - in what way - and which challenges have been completed and what the results were. Below three of the examples, from completed to yet to be addressed, and below a button to the page with all challenges.

Heat stress (completed)

With which green interventions can we combat 'heat stress'? This earlier challenge focused on that, with 'mobile trees', 'mobile greenery', green roofs and green façades as conceived forms.

Loneliness (now)

In the first quartile, we did a nano challenge on 'Post Corona' issues. One of them: what can we do with those concerned about loneliness among (international) students?

Neighborhood initiatives (later)

The EnschedeLAB focuses on the solution power of students. For this we bring in issues. But what if students start looking for it themselves? In quartile 2, we examine whether students can boost more neighborhood initiatives.

Blog & News

New nano challenge is about nuisance from smokers.

In quartile 2 we try to come up with designs with which we can limit nuisance from smokers in neighborhoods.

Students as catalysts for neighborhood initiatives

How can we as students be a catalyst for initiatives in Enschede neighborhoods? A transdisciplinary student team will discover this in the coming quartile.

Nano-challenge 1 provides feasible solutions

On October 8, we completed the first nano challenge with seven presentations. A day later, the devised solutions were shared in the online talk show of the D'RAN festival. You can see it here.

Nano challenge 1 has started: what are the experiences?

On September 17, 2020 we started the first EnschedeLAB nano challenge. These videos give an impression of the first day.

Nano challenge manual

The method used by the EnschedeLAB every quartile is that of the nano challenge. We offer a four-day program, based on the Design Thinking approach of the DesignLab (University of Twente). In that program (in connection with Corona measures) ...

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