Wiro Kuipers started as a coordinator at EnschedeLab. The UT alumnus, who is also active as an entrepreneur in Enschede, will join the moment the EnschedeLab enters a new phase.

The EnschedeLab, which was started in 2017, is a collaboration between four educational institutions and the municipality of Enschede. The collaboration is aimed at solving issues that play a role in the city, for example in citizens' initiatives and neighborhood councils. The city of Enschede is a unique learning environment of the future for students, teachers and researchers. On the other hand, the municipality has access to fresh thinking power from students, the citizens of the future.

Since the start, two successful pilots have been run. Phase 2 will start in the spring of 2020, in which further development, deepening, strengthening and broadening of the EnschedeLab is central.

Second stage
The goals for the second phase are to make better use of knowledge and brainpower in solving social issues and to increase the social awareness of students, teachers and researchers, so that educational institutions can structurally make a greater social contribution. The Enschede community is also involved in this. For example, a menu will be created with activities aimed at social issues in the city and open to students, employees, entrepreneurs, social organizations and / or citizens.

Education module
From September 2020, students can participate in a joint education module, in the form of a minor or elective module. In this joint education module, students from MBO, HBO and university education work together to come up with new solutions to a social problem.