Bringing students and city together. That's what we aim for with the EnschedeLAB. And we also know: that does not happen automatically. At least not if we also aim for a learning effect.

That's why we need you, teacher. To make students enthusiastic, to strengthen your own subject, or to participate in the EnschedeLAB yourself!





The EnschedeLAB offers opportunities to collaborate on social issues. One way we do that is by organizing a 'nano challenge' for each quartile. Such a nano challenge lasts a total of four days, spread over four to six weeks, in which approximately ten groups of 4-6 students from different institutions learn to work together in a multidisciplinary manner.

We offer them a 'crash course' in design thinking, according to the methodology of the DesignLab of the University of Twente. In addition, people learn more about the issue at hand and how to get it moving. And they get to work themselves, to come up with a few well-thought-out solution directions. In 'real life', with the involvement of the people concerned - and a real problem owner.

On the challenge page you can see which issues we have tackled so far, and which are open for the coming period. Does a student want to work on such a challenge outside of a nano challenge? That is also possible! Some of the issues are suitable to tackle as a project, or to be part of an internship, minor project, graduation assignment or honors track. Please take a moment Contact to discuss the possibilities, if you know students - or if you think that the challenges of the EnschedeLAB are a good fit for the course you teach.

What can youmean?

Do you have a student with whom the EnschedeLAB is a good fit, or who is a good fit for the issue we are going to deal with? Or are you a teacher who would like to add something to the EnschedeLAB yourself? Then you are in the right place!

Interested / suitable student:
Do you have a student who wants more information for the EnschedeLAB or who wants to participate? Then there are contact persons per knowledge institution who know the possibilities of how the student, in whatever capacity, can be involved in the EnschedeLAB. He knows how it works from an organizational and educational point of view. You can find these contacts here .

They can match the student to the EnschedeLAB in a suitable way.

Involved teachers:
If you see a topic where you want to add something for the students, in any way, please contact us and we will discuss how you can become involved in the challenges .