You've probably played the game of Goose, haven't you? You may remember how it went: you had to guide your character (a goose) through several steps on the game board to the safe end. On the way there you overcame obstacles and encountered other players. Sometimes you lingered a little longer, for example because you were 'down the drain'. At other times you skipped boxes. We used the idea of such a game board to visualize the approach we take for a nano challenge, as you can see above.

For the nano-challenges that we organize, we have a program of four phases: that program is completely written out here . In the game board you can see those four phases, and per phase a number of activities are described that fit that phase. The theory and description of these activities can be found by the participants via the linked website. But also on their own whiteboard. We have enlarged the game board and offered space per phase to all possible documentation and instruction, as well as insights, ideas and notes from the student teams.


Not only do they have all the information at hand, but virtual collaboration suddenly becomes much easier too! In the last nano challenge we had participants who were in Hong Kong and South Korea. However, they could contribute just as much via the whiteboard as the students who were present on location. Especially when we started working completely online, such a whiteboard to work on turned out to be a godsend. Via this link you as a visitor can take a look and leave comments. Questions and tips are welcome!

UPDATE: in the third nano challenge, we worked online from start to finish, and in four half-days instead of days. With that, the program has had a makeover. The new whiteboard, adapted to that situation, is now also available for those who are curious.