"How can we limit the nuisance caused by smokers?" was the question that was central to the last nano challenge of the EnschedeLAB. A relevant question now that smoking is prohibited in schoolyards and around public institutions, among other things. Where is smoking then? And how do we deal with any nuisance, such as waste, odor and noise? That is what Saxion Hogeschool, ROC van Twente and the Municipality of Enschede, among others, ask themselves.

Four mixed groups, consisting of Business Administration students from Saxion and Crossmedia Design from ArtEZ / AKI, have been addressing this issue over the past four weeks during the so-called 'nano challenge' of the EnschedeLAB. In four meetings they worked on a variety of solutions based on the 'Responsible Design' approach of the DesignLab of the University of Twente.

What about Fiilty? A fashionable filter that you can use (and clean) over and over again. A way to ensure that fewer cigarette butts end up on the street. Or MEUK? The robot vacuum cleaner that cleans the street and asks smokers to put their butts in him. A solution of the future? Beautiful sustainable ideas, anyway.


With those two solutions, the groups assumed that people will continue to smoke for the time being. They were therefore briefed not to come up with yet another campaign or to invest extra in enforcement. That is why group 3 came up with a solution for the accommodation of smokers: a mobile cabin. A smoking area, sustainably furnished, where smokers not only 'get their money's worth', but are also encouraged to exercise on one of the available exercise bikes.

The fourth group realized: there is only one way to limit nuisance, and that is to have fewer smokers. So they came up with a 'scratch card' as a solution. A kind of advent calendar with different prices, discounts and incentives to help 'stoppers' persist for thirty days. A simple and physical product that organizations such as a university of applied sciences can purchase in multiples.


Four different solutions, each of which can help to limit nuisance from smokers. Whether that will really happen? That depends on the clients, or on the next group of students who will take over the 'relay baton' of this challenge. In any case, one of the clients responded enthusiastically:

“It was surprising to see how different the solutions are. Each group had something completely different. It turned out that it is important to keep asking yourself: who is the owner, who is responsible? In any case, I found the presentations appealing and fun. A catchy name for your presentation appeals to me, such as 'MEUK'. That sticks, just like the idea. Now it is just a matter of realizing it. ”- Jolanda Buld-Bok, Saxion University of Applied Sciences


Can or do you want to play a role in this? Or do you have a group of students who can do that? Then take a look at 'participating' to find out how you can join the EnschedeLAB. Or respond so that we can keep you informed. Do you have a challenge yourself to submit for the next nano challenge or another educational program? Then wear it. You can also find more information under the heading 'participate'.

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