On October 8, we completed the first nano challenge with seven presentations. A day later, the devised solutions were shared in the online talk show of the D'RAN festival . EnschedeLAB coordinator Wiro Kuipers was a guest on that talk show to explain the pitches of the solutions that were shown. The talk show can be seen below. The entire episode lasts approximately 45 minutes.

The solutions discussed were the proceeds of the first nano-challenge we organised. During this nano-challenge, 28 students worked in mixed teams on solutions for three 'post-Corona issues', about loneliness among young people , being digitally literate and vulnerable in the 'second wave' , and shaping the care of the future together . By clicking on each of those themes, you will arrive at the page where that issue is explained. There you will also find the final presentations of the different teams, and the individual pitches that were shown in the talk show.

Closing day!

On Tuesday June 12, we presented our concrete plan to the public, the board and people of the Municipality of Enschede! Our map was also on the table. We will further explain our plans in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! Here is a small impression of the team ...

Team Meeting

In this meeting we began to physically prototype our concept from the previous meeting which included the house and the custom pieces.

Team Meeting with Hein Jan

Sadly in this meeting, Elise decided to no longer be part of Enschede Lab and our team as she needs to focus on her graduation project which doesn't fit enough into the current project structure. However, we made a lot of progress with our project. We discussed making...