On October 8, we completed the first nano challenge with seven presentations. A day later, the devised solutions were shared in the online talk show of the D'RAN festival . EnschedeLAB coordinator Wiro Kuipers was a guest on that talk show to explain the pitches of the solutions that were shown. The talk show can be seen below. The entire episode lasts approximately 45 minutes.

The solutions discussed were the proceeds of the first nano challenge we organized. During this nano-challenge, 28 students worked in mixed teams on solutions for three 'post-Corona issues', about loneliness in young people , digital literacy and being vulnerable in the 'second wave' , and together shaping the healthcare of the future . By clicking on each of those topics, you will be taken to the page where that issue is explained. There you will also find the final presentations of the different teams, and the individual pitches that were shown in the talk show.

Exploring Enschede’s Neighbourhoods with Hein Jan

To find our pilot neighbourhood we went on a biking tour with our amazing tour guide Hein Jan, who knows Enschede like the back of his hand. We started as his work studio to check the map and make of plan of where to go. Then we cycled through Pathmos, Stadsveld, and...

EnschedeLAB in the media (archive)

Since 2018 we have conducted a number of pilots with the EnschedeLAB and during that time we have gained the necessary press with this initiative. A number of those archive documents can be read in this blog.

Tips & tricks for a brainstorming session

How do you come up with good ideas? Often by brainstorming. But do you know what to look out for? In this video, Wiro gives you tips & tricks.