Nuisance from smokers: that is what the nano-challenge organized by the EnschedeLAB in quartile 2 is about.

As unpleasant as the big picture above, the nuisance smokers can cause in neighborhoods is so annoying. Neighborhoods around school grounds, for example, where the smoking ban is enforced. Smokers are now looking for other places, and this can result in nuisance, with waste, odor nuisance or noise pollution. How could we limit this nuisance (without getting bogged down in yet another stop-smoking campaign)?

That is the subject of the nano challenge, which will take place on November 26 and December 3, 10 and 17 . On these four days, a mixed group of up to thirty students from the various knowledge institutions works in teams on that issue. If possible on location, at the DesignLab at the University of Twente . If that is not possible, we will work together virtually. And good to know: the program is offered in bilingual (English / Dutch).

On this page you can read what such a nano challenge entails . At the moment there are still about ten places available. Would you like to work together with other students, learn how to use the design approach and contribute to a social issue? Then sign up! Or… if it doesn't fit this quartile: show your interest so that you can participate next time!

Team Meeting

In this meeting we decided upon facilitating citizens making their own neighbourhoods more sustainable by creating community building workshops in the neighbourhoods. However this concept requires the following information which we have divided as tasks between us.

Bright IDEa Design Contest 4-7 juli 2020

How can students help make the city more beautiful? That is what the Bright IDEa Design Contest from 4-7 July 2020 is about.

Team Meeting with Hein Jan

It has just been exam week at all 3 institutions, so we haven't been able to schedule a team meeting since our bicycle tour around Enschede. During our break from meetings we still tried to find a way of pinpointing that ideal neighbourhood, but we had no luck. So we...