The EnschedeLAB is an environment in which students collaborate in a multidisciplinary manner on issues of the city.

Not only that of the municipality, but also that of the neighborhood, the residents' initiative or the association. Maybe yours?




What canthe EnschedeLABmean?

Each quarter, the EnschedeLAB focuses on one theme. We then formulate one or a few challenges, appropriate to the questions we receive from the city. Questions for which there is no ready-made solution, and which require a multidisciplinary approach.

We address these kinds of questions in a so-called 'nano-challenge' of four days (spread over 4-6 weeks) to arrive at a number of solution directions. Experience has shown that these are not yet ready-made solutions for the issue at hand. That is why we want to further elaborate these solution directions in regular education as a kind of 'relay baton'.

We can also do the latter directly. Sometimes we come across issues that are directly related to one of the forms of project education of our partners. Then we can, for example, introduce the issue to Saxion's Smart Solutions Semester, or within a minor at the UT.

On our challenge page we show what issues we have worked on, but also which issues we have already 'mediated' and what the progress and results were. So do not hesitate and fill in the form below to submit an issue for the EnschedeLAB. Or contact us to discuss this first.


Are you responsible for the solution?

Is your organization open to substantive guidance. (answers to emails from students, introducing the students to the issue on location, attendance at the final presentation, etc.)

May students continue as a startup after their findings on the issue.

If you / you continue with it yourself, can you keep the students (and EnschedeLab) informed of the developments?

Can we include your contact details in our mailing list?

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