'Look of the road' : that was the title of the last nano challenge organized by the EnschedeLAB. Thirty students from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences worked in six mixed teams on solutions for the temporary use of parking spaces in the city center of Enschede.

One of the teams came up with the idea that a large car park could serve as an open-air museum to make the textile history of Enschede tangible. Two other teams mainly focused on the increasing number of parcels that are delivered, and how you can make a good storage for it.

A green solution was devised for the Kuipersdijk to make this street slightly safer. And for a street in Horstlanden Veldkamp, one team came up with equally green and playful solutions. The sixth team did not come up with an interpretation, but rather a way to give residents a voice in the implementation.

All valuable concepts; accomplished in just four half-days, completely online. With the necessary learning experiences in terms of group dynamics, language, time pressure and the method we use . This has become a bit more complete and firmer, and with nano-challenge IV we sharpen it even further.

The solution directions that have now been devised are fed back to the client, and we publish any follow-up questions on the challenge page. The next nano challenge has a different theme, and will take place on 20 and 27 May, 3 and 10 June. Registration is already possible, just like submitting new issues.