Guidance for Early School Leavers

Ypkje Grimm

How can early school leavers best be guided to return to study or work? A project for early school leavers (young people without a mavo or mbo diploma) is underway in Enschede. The project focuses on preventing dropout from school or to get these young people back to school or to work. The municipality works with neighborhood coaches and youth coaches, who guide these young people. However, they notice that the young people have to move from one to the other, which is not desirable.

About this challenge

Ypkje Grimm

On the basis of a number of cases, students will make a plan describing how the young people can best be guided, who should be involved and how one person can be in control.

This issue is presented to second-year Saxion students of HBO Nursing study route Health and Technology (G&T) as a project, with a duration of 20 weeks.

Progress / Results

Team 1

How can early school-leavers with home problems best be guided to get back to work or education? Based on surveys with the relevant steakholders, a proposal has been drawn up for the implementation of system therapy. Read below about the approach of this group and how they arrived at their solution.

Team 2

How can early school leavers be supported in the process of returning to society or preventing a relapse? These students came up with an app, Back to the Society Support, to support young people in this process. Read below how they arrived at this solution.