Building Identity

Client unknown

How can the identity of Enschede be improved? This multidisciplinary student team has the bus shelter as a means of communication as a solution.

About this challenge

Municipality of Enschede

In 2018, our team worked on a solution that improves the identity of Enschede.

Our team wants to bring identity to the fore by using the bus stop as a means of communication of identity. This bus stop will be based on a modular construction system, which is both sustainable and universally applicable. To further develop our concept, investors are needed who see market value. In addition, there must be support for this plan within the municipality of Enschede.

For us as a team, the collaboration was the most educational. Within our group there was good communication about the relevant agreements and expectations. The process went by trial and error, instead of a linear process we were more in a pinball machine. Despite the various setbacks, we persistently managed to structure structures that all three of us say was a worthwhile journey.