Drivers of a Creative city

Arjan Beerman

How do you develop a 'creative city'? This question has often been answered by different researchers and with different cities as research material. This question has also been around for a long time in Enschede. The municipality and the city mainly focus on creative and innovative entrepreneurship, high-quality technology and cultural activities and facilities. But is that enough? Can the city be called 'in the capillaries' creative? Or does that require something else? Where can you find the 'ground' for developing a creative (r) city?

Over this one challenge

Arjan Beerman

The Honors Program at the University of Twente offers students various issues to work on in semester 1 of academic year 20/21. This issue is one of them.

Introducing the challenge

It Result

Watch the video of the presentation of the solution devised by team 5 here.