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Lonnekerberg & Landscape Overijssel Foundation

The closure of the military airport Twente on 1 Jan 2008 has led to an area development in which the municipality, social organizations and citizens can make use of the new interpretation of the almost 480 ha site. In addition to the then preference for the development of a commercial civil airport, “De Twentse Basis” was an eye-catching alternative with broad public support: an estate full of nature, care and cure, sports and recreation.

Over this one challenge
The Strip Twenthe Airport

Maarten Witteveen, Lonnekerberg Foundation (StiL)

EnschedeLAB has been asked to think about a new and realistic interpretation of De Strip.

An interpretation that respects the historical setting, provides a good corona-proof revenue model for the entrepreneur and where the environmental impact is in balance with the vulnerable environment.

The assignment for a team of students is to provide insight into which activities or other functions are possible for the next ten years, taking into account the following conditions: return on investments, multi-year perspective, health of visitors, applicable regulations, area environment, sustainability , respect for heritage and balance with surrounding nature areas.

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