Loneliness (international) students

Leerking loneliness young people

How can we, together with those concerned, ensure that (international) students feel less lonely (Post Corona)? It hardly needs explanation that this question is relevant. During the Corona pandemic, it turned out that not only the elderly felt lonely, but also young people - especially if they are here from another country as a student or PhD candidate. All kinds of initiatives have been developed for that target group, but rarely with them. To prevent them from being left out the next time, we want to tackle this issue with that target group.

Over this one challenge

Learning circle loneliness young people


This was one of the challenges addressed in the first nano challenge, about 'post-Corona issues'.

Three mixed groups of students worked on it. The solutions they presented can be seen below, both in the form of a 'one minute pitch' and the presentation that the two teams put together.

The presented solutions have been fed back to the client, but have not yet been implemented. Do you find them interesting, or can you contribute to them? No doubt that is possible. Be sure to contact us to check what the options are.

Progress / results