Eye-Catcher TrialEat

Robin Hollander

Food festival ProefEet lacks an eye-catcher. Something that attracts attention every year and that can be presented to a wide audience from the innovative and creative disciplines. An element that, in addition to the existing concept, is iconic, challenging and entertaining for the public every year. In this element, for example, innovations in the field of food, entertainment, recreation or sustainability can come together, such as virtual reality, cocooning, augmented reality or an experience center. But one can also think of art in combination with food or waste from the catering industry.

Over this one challenge
Eye-Catcher Trial Eat

Robin Hollander


How can an 'eye-catcher' or experience give Taste Eat an innovative twist every year that makes the “did you see that?” effect, so that visitors look forward to a new experience every year?

Ideas are, for example, a wheel of flavors; 2 or 3 courses in a mini Ferris wheel. But also a food print lab. It just has to be of such a level that people want to see or experience it. It does not always have to have a direct relationship to food, but a twist to Proef Eet as a sign of the hospitality industry is necessary.

The project must be completed before July 1, 2022, so that the product can be exhibited during the next ProefEet (in 2022).

The College Learning Company, for Management and Organization within the ROC of Twente, will start working on this question after the summer.