Fifty Shades of Grey

Femke Nijboer

In 2090, a quarter of the population will be 65 or older. Many people of that age still feel very vital. Yet they are portrayed as old, vulnerable, lonely and in need of help. They don't feel seen as they really are. There is not one shade of gray: there are many more. This project is about breaking down prejudices about aging.

Over this one challenge
Nano-Challenge 3

Femke Nijboer

In this project, students are asked to develop a societal intervention to make the elderly more visible in a way they want to be seen.

Question 1: Is this assumption correct? Can you find evidence in the literature or through interviews that older adults feel overlooked? Question 2: What is the state of the art of societal or scientific interventions to overcome age discrimination? Question 3: Develop your own intervention to tackle ageism. For example, an online challenge from the elderly to the young? A campaign? Flash mobs throughout Enschede? What is necessary?