Heftan Tattat

Femke Nijboer

Can a student who only speaks the language Low Saxon (Twents) graduate at Saxion or the University of Twente? Is the eHealth technology that we are developing at Saxion and the UT sufficiently inclusive for users who speak variants of Low Saxon? Is our (digital) care reliable for people who live outside Europe, even the Netherlands, and who feel more at home in a regional culture and language? Is our education and research sufficiently in line with the local language and culture?

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Femke Nijboer


In this project, a team of students investigates the role of Low Saxon and Twente culture in (digital) healthcare. Are there, as we suspect, barriers between patients and caregivers? Does it help if caregivers understand the local culture and 'manners'? Is there a need for education of Low Saxon in health education? What kind of digital care in Low Saxon can be offered to patients?