Heat stress

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How can heat stress in Enschede be prevented? Students from various educational institutions in Enschede have come to a solution together. By making the city greener with the help of mobile trees, among other things.

About this challenge

Municipality of Enschede


Our team has established that there is very little green space in the center of Enschede. There is, however, a high degree of fossilization, which causes heat stress.

To combat heat stress, our team has designed four interventions to make the city center green. These interventions are: mobile trees, mobile greenery, green facades and green roofs / pergolas.

The EnschedeLab was a unique experience that had many different sides. Students from a different learning environment work together on a method unknown to many (Design Thinking). We have been able to put each other's knowledge to good use. The method was pleasant to work with and really gave us guidance. We hope that the municipality of Enschede will look further into the elaboration of this concept. Our solutions provide a beautiful representation of how to respond to heat stress.