Innovation and classical music

Enschede Promotion

Phion's classical open-air concert, in July 2021, offers an accessible artistic program to bring young and old into contact with classical music. The exact program is currently being designed but will mainly contain light classical repertoire for approximately 1.5 hours, accessible to young and old.

Around this concert there is room to add innovative, creative and / or technological elements produced by the educational institutions.

About this challenge

Enschede Promotion

Enschede Promotion wants to show the innovative character of the city and students of Enschede in its programming and around events.

At this classical open-air concert by Phion, there is space around the concert to display the innovative, creative and technological talents of Enschede students in tone with the character of classical music.

Do you see any leads for this? Do you think you can make a contribution with your education? For example, do you want to develop the instrument of the future, do you have a spectacular light show in mind, or do you know a way to make classical music known to a wider audience? Great, then join us.

Do you want to participate in this and contribute to this issue? Which can! Be sure to contact us to check what the options are.