Green roofs in Enschede

Insight The coalition agreement states that Enschede wants to focus on sustainability. You can save costs on energy by means of green roofs. This is because in the summer the plants block the heat and it is less warm in the house and in the winter it keeps the warmth inside the house.

Furthermore, the coalition agreement states that Enschede wants to take measures against heat and flooding in the coming years, as stated earlier, green roofs help against the heat. Because the green roofs consist of a substrate layer and plants, it also stops water. They do not ensure that there is less flooding, but they retain the water so that it goes to the sewer more slowly and floods are less likely. Finally, the green roofs also help for biodiversity and cleaner air in the city.

About The Challenge

Insight From EnschedeLab, we have put together our own team that focuses on Circular Economy. We are three students; Bas and Pam study Crossmedia Design at the AKI and Danielle studies Public Administration at the Saxion in Deventer. We will focus on green roofs in Enschede. This is nice because everyone knows the idea, but you don't see it around you.

Extra Info

InsightThe investigation is finished and all the information is in! By analyzing the data, we have developed an infographic to provide a better understanding of the possibilities with green roofs.