Make Twents Great Again

Femke Nijboer

In healthcare and in nursing homes, personal contact between caregivers and patients is very important to ensure adherence and outcome. It helps if healthcare providers speak the language of the patients and know their culture. Unfortunately, the local language in Twente, Low Saxon, of which Twents is a variant, is not popular. Talking about Twente is not cool. It is associated with farmers and farmers are associated with lower intelligence. In recent years, various stakeholders have tried to make Twents popular again. They have held ecclesiastical ceremonies in Lower Saxony and written poems. All efforts were made by older men.

Over this one challenge
ECIU-Challenge Mobility Hubs

Femke Nijboer

In this project, students are challenged to give a young and fresh look at local languages. How can we make Twente great again? For example, by combining high-tech with a local touch that can be so surprising that it arouses interest in the language again. Let's experiment with eHealth and Twente.