Nuisance from smokers in neighborhoods

Saxion Hogeschool, ROC van Twente, Municipality of Enschede

How can we limit the nuisance caused by smokers in neighborhoods located around the grounds of educational institutions? That is a question that is gradually getting through, now that the smoking ban is enforced in (among other things) school yards. People who are no longer allowed to smoke there move into the neighborhood or look for other places. Sometimes with nuisance as a result: from waste, odor, noise or otherwise. Without coming up with yet another stop-smoking campaign or constantly focusing on enforcement: what kind of products or concepts can we design with which we can limit nuisance?

Over this one challenge

Saxion University of Applied Sciences (among others)

In the second nano challenge that we are organizing, we focus on this issue.

Six or seven mixed groups of students will then work on it, according to the program we describe here . You can see the solutions they present later below, both in the form of a 'one minute pitch'.

Do you want to participate in the nano challenge and contribute to this issue? Which can!. Be sure to contact us to check what the options are.