Role of residents for the future of Twente

Twente Noabers

How do we involve residents in the development of Twente? Especially after the Corona crisis, we discover that other ways of cooperation arise and that we need each other to get out of the crisis. The 3 O's know how to find each other: Government, Entrepreneurs and Research / Education. And residents can exert influence by voting once every four years. Couldn't we (and should) involve residents more actively and earlier in important developments in their neighborhood, in the city, in the region?

We would like to see this involvement in various themes and issues. In nano challenge 1 we focused specifically on the theme of 'care' . In doing so, we looked for solutions to deal with the increasing demand for care in the coming years from the involvement of residents. How can we cope with them? How can we do that together? How do we move from 'Sickness and Care' to 'Health and Behavior'?


Over this one challenge

Twente Noabers

This was one of the challenges addressed in the first nano challenge, about 'post-Corona issues'.

Two mixed groups of students were working on it. The solutions they presented can be seen below, both in the form of a 'one minute pitch' and the presentation that the two teams put together.

The presented solutions have been fed back to the client, but have not yet been implemented. Do you find them interesting, or can you contribute to them? No doubt that is possible. Be sure to contact us to check what the options are.

Progress / results

During nano-challenge # 1, two teams worked on the question of how residents themselves could ensure that healthcare is less burdened in the future, in other words, how we can ensure a vital future together. The two solutions that were devised for this are shown below. In the Talkshow of D'RAN Digitaal, these solutions were also discussed and guests responded to them. You can watch that talk show here.

Team 1

Team 1 came up with two concepts for Enschede-Noord. With one they aim to bring young and old together: to let the elderly pass on something about their own history to the young, in exchange for acquiring a modern skill. Solution 2 focuses more on physical movement, and invites residents to go outside together - with a specific goal. Below you can see the presentation of this team, as well as the video pitch they made.

Team 2

Team 2 wondered what a preventive solution could be to relieve healthcare at a local level. For this they came up with an idea that assumes that residents of a street can get to know each other better. For this they introduce: the 'Neighborhood Trekker', in combination with a set of 'Communi cards'. Below you can watch the presentation, as well as the video pitch of this team.


Solution : Tractor, driving a truck to a neighborhood every two weeks with ice cream and snacks. The truck has activity cards that the local residents can perform together. This encourages neighbors to come together, which improves mental health and therefore also physical well-being. Some of the necessities are: awareness among the residents, financing, promotion and a safe place to stand.

Possible Future Challenges :

  • How can we motivate people to use the truck?
  • If people are not motivated, how can we find out what the neighborhood wants?
  • How do we ensure that the solution is used as intended?
  • Is this idea feasible in Enschede and in which neighborhoods can it be implemented?
  • How can language barriers be overcome so that everyone can participate?