Bringing city and student together


How can students play a role in identifying, mobilizing and supporting initiatives at the neighborhood level? That is a question that is relevant now that the Municipality of Enschede is aiming for the 'revival' of the city after the Corona crisis. However, it is also a question that is relevant to the EnschedeLAB itself: because how can we bring students and city together even more outside of our regular program? And the question is relevant for students: because how can they - in the 'rich learning environment' that the city offers - be active and initiate initiatives, instead of coming up with them themselves?

Over this one challenge

Wiro Kuipers

This issuewas part of the Design Contest from July 4-7, 2020 . Together with SG Daedalus we organized a design contest for students (teams). This resulted in three winning concepts .

We explored these concepts in more depth in quartile 2, with the idea of actually trying them out in two of the Enschede neighbourhoods, in a multidisciplinary project .

However, that didn't work because of Corona. Nevertheless, the question remains relevant and in the new academic year a Saxion Smart Solutions team will work on the question of whether we can develop a 'place' for the EnschedeLAB somewhere in the city.


In quartile 2 of 2020/2021, we started a multidisciplinary project in which students from the University of Twente and Saxion participated. Their assignment was to further refine the previously devised concepts and actually turn them into a product to try out in two of Enschede's neighborhoods. Regardless of the product, we were curious about the role that students could play in its development and rollout.

This project resulted in an 'interactive roadmap', as a tool for residents who want to get an initiative off the ground. The prototype for this has already been made:


The intention was to test this prototype with a few residents of Twekkelerveld and Velve-Lindehof, but the applicable Corona measures prevented this. The product has therefore not yet been validated. The wish is to do so via a practical assignment for Public Administration students of Saxion.

Depending on the feedback that is collected in that research, we want to further develop the roadmap and actually use it. The question is also still open what role students can play in this. Do you provide a course in which we can present that question to students? Or are you as a student looking for a great assignment? Please respond, so that we may be able to get started with this.



Solution : Neighborhood roadmap

Possible Future Issues :

  • How can we involve students who live in a neighborhood for shorter periods in long-term projects?
  • How can we actively involve students and residents in the projects?
  • How are local residents informed about the roadmap?

Improvements : Let residents invest in neighborhood initiatives, place updates on the roadmap, let neighborhoods personalize their roadmap, Like initiatives. Appoint a student counselor in the neighborhood, encourage students to develop the application.