Bringing city and student together


How can students play a role in identifying, mobilizing and supporting initiatives at the neighborhood level? That is a question that is relevant now that the Municipality of Enschede is aiming for the 'revival' of the city after the Corona crisis. However, it is also a question that is relevant to the EnschedeLAB itself: because how can we bring students and city together even more outside of our regular program? And the question is relevant for students: because how can they - in the 'rich learning environment' that the city offers - be active and initiate initiatives, instead of coming up with them themselves?

Over this one challenge

Wiro Kuipers

This issuewas part of the Design Contest from July 4-7, 2020 . Together with SG Daedalus we organized a design contest for students (teams). This resulted in three winning concepts .

We will explore these concepts in more detail in quartile 2, and we will actually try them out in two of Enschede's neighborhoods. We do this with a multidisciplinary project involving students from all knowledge institutions, for at least two days a week.