Station environment of the future

Gerben Groenewegen

Enschede, like other cities, is constantly changing. This requires a constant flow of new ideas and concepts. One of the physical areas where a transition is needed is the Station Quadrant. We envision an entirely new quadrant where multimodal mobility still occupies a central place but is also a vibrant area for meeting, working, recreation and living.

Over this one challenge

ECIU-Challenge Mobility Hubs

Gerben Groenewegen

Train stations and their surroundings transform into more than 'just' the physical place where you go to the train. They grow into multimodal, innovative hubs where mobility, meeting, work and life are facilitated. The Station Quadrant requires concepts that match Enschede's ambition to be an innovative, attractive and green city.

We encourage students to think along with us. The task is too big to solve in a few months and leaves a lot of freedom for the students to experiment. We therefore hope to start brainstorming concepts that fit the vision requirements (combination of mobility, meeting, working and living) – and we do this in an ECIU context, after which we jointly select the focus areas for further elaboration.