You color the city of tomorrow! You now acquire new knowledge and skills that matter, with which you can make a difference. We want to unlock that.

That is why the EnschedeLAB offers the environment in which you learn to work with others to come up with innovative solutions for issues in the city.




About the EnschedeLAB

The EnschedeLAB offers opportunities to collaborate on social issues. One way we do that is by organizing a 'nano challenge' for each quartile. Such a nano challenge lasts a total of four days, spread over four to six weeks, during which you learn to work in a multidisciplinary manner in a group of 4-6 students from different institutions. We offer you a 'crash course' in design thinking, according to the methodology of the DesignLab of the University of Twente. In addition, you will learn more about the issue at hand, and how to get it moving. And you will get to work yourself, to arrive at a few well-thought-out solution directions. In 'real life', with the involvement of the people concerned - and a real problem owner.

On the challenge page you can see which issues we have tackled so far, and which are open for the coming period. Do you want to work with such a challenge outside of a nano challenge? That is also possible! Some of the issues are suitable to tackle as a project, or to be part of an internship, minor project, graduation assignment or honors track. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities.


What can you mean?

As a student of the AKI, Saxion, ROC van Twente and University of Twente you can participate in the EnschedeLAB. In principle, it is for students who have completed their first year, but exceptions are possible.

You can participate in various ways, within a participating study program (some study programs offer the EnschedeLAB as a project), as an internship or as a graduation. It can also be done alongside your studies or via another route.

The aforementioned 'nano-challenges' take place every quartile and take four days of your time. It is up to you to determine how this fits in with your own training.

There are many options and there is a contact person for each institution who can help you on your way. They know how it works organizationally and whether and how you can get credits for it. Please contact the contact person of your institution.

We will post the project manual here in the short term so that you can read in. If you want to participate anyway: fill in the form below.

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