Have you ever considered that a computer game can keep us alert to the ingredients for a good question? In the webinar ‘Good question!? which Wiro Kuipers of the EnschedeLAB provided last week (at the online Advice CafĂ©), he explained how. The summary of the presentation he gave can be seen below, as a video.

Would you like to get something done but don’t know how? Are you eager for new insights? Or is a subject you are working on ready for a new angle? Then try to formulate a good question – and ask it. You will be amazed at how others can help you. Students for example. That is what the EnschedeLAB is intended for: to allow students from the four knowledge institutions in our city to jointly build solutions that match Enschede’s issues. And they fit a concrete, but challenging question. Yours perhaps?

Do you have questions about this presentation, about formulating a good question or about the EnschedeLAB and what you can do with it? Then you can contact Wiro directly on 06 18 47 88 86 or by mail: wiro@enschedelab.nl