Project 1
Our team aims to make neighbourhoods more sustainable and resilient by building communities and facilitating citizens to work together and solve their problems. We hope to achieve this by hosting workshops to facilitate neighbours brainstorming together and designing a toolkit for the workshop to help stimulate their creativity. We learnt to use design thinking methods to solve problems in a societal context, while also overcoming the struggles of working in a team of students from different educational institutions.

To further develop our idea, we would like an organisation to facilitate the workshops in all 68 neighbourhoods in Enschede as and then financially support the community once they have unanimously decided how to improve their neighbourhood.

Team Meeting

In this meeting we quickly recapped on the last 'terugkomdag', and planned our next steps for the Evaluate phase. We will talk to citizens, talk to a municipality representative, and start working on perfecting our storytelling and our playbook. These tasks have been...

Terugkomdag from Prototype to Evaluate

Terugkomdag from Prototype to Evaluate

Mirthe presented our progress throughout the prototype phase and we finished the presentation by placing our actual prototypes in front of the audience. We had positive reactions to our physical prototype, however, received a lot of comments of disappointment as to...

Mélanie Drooglever Fortuyn

I am Mélanie Droogleever Fortuyn. My team in the EnschedeLab is working on making neighbourhoods more sustainable and resilient by facilitating citizen participation and building active and supportive communities. More concretely, we have designed a workshop, including a creative toolkit, to inspire the citizens to design an implementation in their neighbourhood which can encourage their community to be more sustainable and resilient. The EnschedeLab has given me the unique opportunity to work with students from different educational backgrounds, and in a mainly dutch environment.

Mirthe Cristenhusz
Ruimtelijke Ordening & Planologie - Saxion
Romi Groenink
Facilitair Leidinggevende - ROC van Twente