First language first

Marcel Bok

Recent research shows that 24% of the native inhabitants of Enschede do not have a good enough command of Dutch as their first language. Enschede is in third place in a ranking of Dutch illiterate cities. Although several programs are offered to help people improve their literacy, participation is too low to have a positive effect. Some people may be ashamed of their Dutch level, others may not even know about the opportunity to improve.

We would like to know how we can lower the barriers for this group and get more people to improve their first language. How do cities in other countries deal with that problem? How can we reach this group and communicate the opportunities for language improvement to them? How can we help citizens in Enschede to put their first language first?

About this challenge

Marcel Bok

The Autumn Challenge at the University of Twente was the stage on which this issue was worked on in the past six months. A group of international students from ECIU reflected on the question of how people with lower language skills could be reached in Enschede.

Their presentation can be viewed below. This offers a good first start, but several questions remain open. Do you have a good idea for that, or would you like to get started? Contact us quickly to find out what the possibilities are!

Final presentation

Below you can view the presentation prepared by the group that participated in the Autumn Challenge.