Operation Clean

Laurens van Houte, MST

“How do we avoid generating so much waste in our operating room?” is the question that Medisch Spectrum Twente is grappling with, as part of their wish to make the hospital more sustainable.

About this challenge
Nano Challenge 3

Laurens van Houte, MST


“How do we avoid generating so much waste in our operating room?”. A beautiful, exciting and relevant question that the hospital in Enschede (and others in the country) is struggling with. We call it Operation Clean.

There are various solutions for dealing with waste, but the question that arises is more relevant: how do we prevent this? That was discussed in the UT Honors Project ‘Shaping the Future’ last academic year. The problem is only bigger than we can solve in six months.

That is why we are always looking for possibilities to help solve parts of this issue. Do you want to contribute to that? Be sure to leave a comment!

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