Young voices

Rolf Jongedijk

Some of the largest social movements in the world have been initiated by young people. Their activism and strong convictions for justice, peace and equality have fueled change and have profoundly influenced politics at all levels. With such opportunities to influence the communities and the world around them, young voices should be empowered to participate actively in the political debates surrounding them.

This starts with motivating young people to vote in their (local) elections, but also implies their active participation in the (political) development within their municipalities. How can we make (local) politics more attractive to young people, as applied to the city of Enschede? This case focuses on activating young people to participate in their local government institutions and to involve them in the political debate that takes place.

About this challenge

Rolf Jongedijk

This was one of the themes in the last Autumn Challenge at the University of Twente. A trio of students from different countries worked on this case, including developing a video.

That video can be found in the presentation below, which summarizes what this team worked on. A nice start, ready to pick up. On the one hand by the council registry of the Municipality of Enschede. But perhaps also by young people themselves. Will you let us know when you get started with this?

The Result

Below you can view the presentation prepared by the group that participated in the Autumn Challenge.